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Em's Letter ~ The Recruitment Letter 01.06.22

Right, so this lil update from me was going to be talking broadly about some of the hurdles we are facing as a company, and what we are doing to SOAR over them. Like gazelles.

Basically, a cool thing we have learned over the past couple of years is that we can say what we think to you all, and you are interested to hear it.

With COVID being something that we are all learning to live alongside (please note: I do not mean “live with” as in “let’s just bloody get on with it shall we?”), we have been like - why don’t we let our community in on the other things that we have been thinking about, or working to overcome?

Cool idea! Except I went to write it this afternoon and my brain wouldn’t turn on. I had started feeling weird mid-morning and went home to work. I felt naughty because I had a nap. Fast forward to now (9:12pm, Monday 23rd may) and I am sitting at my dining room table with a positive COVID test in front of me.

So, here we are, Em has COVID. I will admit that I have partially written a few newsletters in anticipation of getting COVID and needing to tell you (for some reason?) But not being able to because I’m too unwell. I hadn’t considered that at first you’re only a LITTLE BIT sick, so actually I have no need for them.

SO, the main order of business for this email (get to the point em, the clock is ticking) is to talk with you about what is happening with our team at RUBY. Other hurdles can come in later installations ;-)

A number of our team members are in what I call the “chrysalis to butterfly” phase of life. For a lot of Rubettes, this is their first permanent full time job, first time living away from their home, and when they are truly starting to explore who they are.

It’s a really amazing thing to lead a team of people with that energy! It also means that it is very, very difficult to shock me!

In the past, what it has also meant is that after 2-3 years, our team would feel like they had been in their job for “ages” and that they needed to go and do something different. Maybe move overseas. COVID was a massive step change for us in that department. There wasn’t an overseas to go to, and so we have been lucky to have had Rubettes stay for much longer than they might have, and moved to much more senior positions than they could have anticipated.

Obviously, with the world connecting up again, our Rubettes are seeing the possibilities of that world far away. It’s exciting!

SO, we have introduced butterfly leave - similar to parental leave, but for long-serving Rubettes who want to travel. For some though, they want to be unmoored. I know that feeling.

COVID is also meaning that a LOT of the time, we are a number of team members down. Either because they or their household contacts have COVID, or because they have an unrelated illness with similar symptoms to COVID and so can’t come in to work, even if they are feeling well.

TBH, this part of the pandemic has been one of the more difficult periods. Disclaimer: I feel like that about every phase. But the juggle of no staff, sickness, long COVID etc. These are all things we all read about happening at a macro level. It’s weird and also cool when your business follows the trend.

And lastly, incredibly, as a team we have grown. Our business has grown. The way that we work has changed (I would like to say “improved” ;-)) and it seems to be vibing with you all.

SO, long story short, we have a whole lot of roles open. From newly created ones such as the design and technical assistant, to replacing a team member going on their OE (HAVE A BLOODY BLAST ROSALIE!), and a whole bunch in between.

Take the time to read through the skills sets we are looking for. It might be you (or someone you know) who would be the right one for the role. As I said on my Trademe ad when I was looking for flat mates when I returned from living overseas in 2008 - ideal applicants: works hard, knows how to party.

Em x

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Em's Letter ~ My Two Cents


The Fine Print

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