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As always, right about now we’ll be inundated with the same ol’ New Year’s expressions. New year, new me... Out with the old, in with the new... And although we too are excited by the opportunities a new year can bring, who’s to say seeking a fresh start means you must leave everything else behind?

Introducing RUBY’s first collection of 2024, Ryder. A collection that embodies reinvention whilst holding onto the things that bring you joy.

Effortlessly weaving the new with the old, see Ryder styled with brought-back RUBY Says Recycle favourites. Pairing new season summer icons like Paradiso, Trulli & Noella with pieces contributed by your fellow Rubettes or even the exact piece that used to sit in your wardrobe... The vision for Ryder is to carry Rubette memories forward.

Featuring the continuation of the collaboration that set the scene for our Rubette summer, carry the hope with you into 2024 with our limited edition RUBY x Ryder Shirt, Short & T-Shirt by local artist Ryder Jones.

Now more than ever, it’s not always about grand gestures. Change can be gradual and there is beauty to be seen in the things that have stuck by your side through all times. It’s your choice on what you would like bring forward with you into 2024, whether that be your trusted pair of Firebirds or your painted butter floors...

RUBY Ryder 2024 new arrivals in store & online now x



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