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12mm knitting needles


12mm knitting needles made from Euro Beech wood from offcut dowl. Tied together with offcuts from Liam garments.

Colour: Natural

Size: 12MM


Select your preferred size and register to be notified when this style arrives in store

Select your preferred size and register to be notified when this style arrives in store

  • Made by ReMaker in Tauranga, New Zealand
  • Also available in 20mm

Purchase of this pattern entitles you to print the pattern for individual home use only. It does not entitle you to copy, print, distribute, the pattern, nor sell the garments you have made from this pattern. Thank you for respecting the designer’s rights and for supporting local business.

A collection of patterns! Paper patterns to use to sew clothes at home!

Liam Designer Emily Miller-Sharma explains: “Making things gives so much to people. There is a slowness in the very internal process that goes on when you make things with your hands that can be a powerful tool for wellness. It also shows us, quite viscerally, just how talented the people who make our clothes are, empowering and humanising these highly-skilled machinists in a way that words on a page can’t.”

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