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Why ~ TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY 07.11.23

RUBY’s answer to Black Friday? TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY with RUBY Says Recycle.

“What is RUBY doing for Black Friday?” - a question that is asked every year. It has never felt right for us to engage with it.

We know that Black Friday does not come from Aotearoa AND it drives the type of consumption that is seriously harmful to our planet and people. But at the same time, we know that Black Friday can be a good opportunity for Rubettes on a tighter budget, or those who just love a sweet deal, to buy pieces that they may not have otherwise been able to.

AND SO, this November we will be launching TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY with RUBY Says Recycle, a pilot scheme where Rubettes can bring back RUBY and Liam clothing they no longer wear into any RUBY store. We will assess how much we can resell the pieces for and issue them with a RUBY gift voucher to the value of 40% of the resale price straight away (regardless of whether we sell it). The pieces that we take-back from our Rubettes will then become part of our ever-growing RUBY Says Recycle collection.

We believe that a thriving future for our industry exists in a truly circular system. We envisage RUBY to be a place that celebrates both new and second hand clothing. We want 25% of our sales to come from RUBY Says Recycle by 2030 and since the launch of RUBY Says Recycle in 2021, we are well on our way.

We will then clear out RUBY Newmarket and on Black Friday, all that will be available to purchase will be RUBY Says Recycle product, as well as an edit through

Think about how cool it is to rummage through your best friend’s wardrobe. This is our vision for TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY with RUBY Says Recycle , except your BFF is actually every single other Rubette.


TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY with RUBY Says Recycle launches in store from Tuesday 7th November with second hand RUBY or Liam able to be dropped off between then and Sunday 19th November at any RUBY store nationwide.

Find out more here.

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