RUBY’s answer to Black Friday? TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY with RUBY Says Recycle

During Black Friday month, we had over 2500 pieces contributed nationwide to our TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY movement thanks to our incredible Rubettes! Stay tuned for our next collection dates...

We will assess how much we can resell your pieces for and issue you with a RUBY gift voucher to the value of 40% of the resale price straight to your email (regardless of whether we sell it or not!).

Your pieces will become part of our ever-growing RUBY Says Recycle collection that will be shoppable on the 24th November. We will then clear out RUBY Newmarket this Black Friday and all that will be available to purchase will be RUBY Says Recycle product, as well as an edit you’re able to shop right here.

Think about how cool it is to rummage through your best friend’s wardrobe. This is our vision for TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY with RUBY Says Recycle, except your BFF is actually every single other Rubette.

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TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY with RUBY Says Recycle

Although we believe our RUBY + Liam pieces are made to be worn and kept forever, we recognise that like everything in this world, you can change, evolve and move on.

We also know that our Rubettes see the importance in circularity and extending the life of their clothing. It makes us so excited that they will have the possibility of shopping for a piece they thought they missed out on, at an even sweeter price.

Want to join the movement?

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We believe that a thriving future for our industry exists in a truly circular system. We envisage RUBY to be a place that celebrates both new and second hand clothing. We want 25% of our sales to come from RUBY Says Recycle by 2030 and since the launch of RUBY Says Recycle in 2021, we are well on our way...

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A garment created during our production process to understand best fit and construction. Samples can be one-of-a-kind in fabrics or styles you haven’t seen from RUBY before, they could be the very first prototype or the final sample used in one of our lookbooks.


With a few special memories behind it already, a second hand piece has been contributed to RUBY Says Recycle by a Rubette who would love to rehome it to another Rubette - second life here we come!


In the spirit of looking back to look forward, a RUBY Says Recycle vintage piece has been hand-picked by one of our RUBY team on our overseas adventures.


Perfectly imperfect, for whatever reason a Second has incurred small quirks or minor flaws that have prevented this piece from landing in a RUBY store.


Our TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY collection has now ended but stay tuned for our next drop off dates to contribute your pre-loved RUBY + Liam pieces. You can shop our TAKE B_ACK edit online here, or keep an eye out for our next RUBY Says Recycle IRL pop up in a RUBY store
near you...

If you are interested in being a part of TAKE B_ACK FRIDAY, from Tuesday 7th November until Sunday 19th November you can contribute your RUBY + Liam pieces and drop them off at any RUBY store. See just how it all works in our guide here.

The items you return to us will be priced at what we believe to be a fair market value for the garment, taking into consideration its age, condition and demand for the piece. You will then be offered 40% of the RUBY determined resale price, in the form of a RUBY gift voucher. You have the right to accept or decline this offer, and have your garment returned to your drop off location, if you wish to wear again or resell yourself.

RUBY will be in touch with you via email from within 7 days of being dropped off at your store of choice.

Basically, just go hard! You are our biggest advocates, understand who we are as a company the most, and have pieces that are part of our history. You will notice when it comes to filling out your information when you bring pieces back that we ask for the provenance of the garments. Every piece has a story! We want to tell those stories to the next person who gets to take them into their lives!

  • Must be RUBY or Liam branded
  • Fully functional & in good quality (no holes, broken zippers or seams, or stained)
  • In a clean, freshly washed condition
  • Cannot be current season RUBY or Liam available in store & online or online in any size.
  • RUBY + Liam Favourites can be brought back. See Favourites here.

Our team in store will not be accepting pieces that do not meet this criteria.